Our Services

We help companies and households get efficient in Energy

Eco-friendly Solutions

We provide eco-friendly solutions by using the sunlight, wind, and water to generate energy.

Electricity Efficiency

We provide solutions to generate electricity efficiently by using the sunlight, wind, and water.

Alternative Energy

We provide solutions that generate electricity that produces no greenhouse gas emissions and reduces air pollution.

Automotive Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions

“… The professionalism of MESEC is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!…”

Albert James


Pioneers in Energy Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my company/ house?

Yes, our team can visit your place.

What energy services can you offer?

Our company provides solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy related services.

How much does it cost to buy a setup?

The cost varies as per the requirements.

Rabail Rafiq