MESEC stands for Modern Equipment Services & Engineering Consultant, Established in 1990. The MESEC is dealing in automotive service equipment, cleaning equipment etc. The Pak wind power(Pvt) Ltd is a part of MESEC, working on Alternate energy projects, such as wind power, Solar power, Bio gas, Wind mill for agriculture , Animal power etc.

Pak wind power is a new brand that goes hand-in-hand with the best world manufacturers, due to efforts of it’s founders. We’re proud of many our developments of small windmills, their units and assemblies. Technology of blades’ production that we developed allows to product super light (0,5 kg) and firm blades with a low cost price. Thanks to its moment, a windmill’s complete includes multi blade turbine allows developing the highest generator’s revolution without using transmission

To augment Pak wind power windmills’ safety, we use our proper low promptness generator, that produces a power 1450 Watt (model WE-1000) at 500 revolutions per minute. Because of the gears’ absence, our windmills’ working is silent, different vibrations except. A term of windmill’s exploitation depends of bearings’ durability, substitution of which restarts windmill’s efficiency. All our stations are developed in that way to except a service and a human control.

At the beginning of 2002 years one of MESEC creators appeared an idea of domestic windmill’s creation. Outlines’ and separate units’ drawings’ creation, aerodynamics and fundamentals of wind assemblies construction’s research were continuing during many years. The first windmill was created in the middle of 2004, in the workshop. After one year a repetition work would arrange. From those days and to present day, our specialists search the new constructive and technological decisions. Our production passed through long, but useful way from the ideas, the outlines and the first single type to the serial models. Tested of time and of exploitation in the different climatic zones, our windmills relate to the electro-generating machine with high safety.

We’re doing everything to that our machines may smoothly produce electricity in any place of the globe where there is the wind.

Mission Statement

To enhance the lifestyle of those in the global community who still do not have access to conventional power through the development and distribution of low cost, reliable, renewable energy technologies for lighting, communication and education. For those with conventional power, to reduce the world’s dependence on often unstable and polluting fossil fuels, while at the same time, building a profitable enterprise that offers financial security to its shareholders and those employed.

This is an environmentally friendly project and the project can get 15 to 20 paisa per unit in the near future under verified emission route (VER). This would be an additional income directly increasing the profitability. However as this would be a future benefit


We offer solutions for a lively environment where business and expertise strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new traditions of industry combining modernization and implementation while also leveraging an organization’s existing resources. We work with great global corporations and new creation technology companies – to erect new products or services and to realize prudent business and technology strategies in today’s self-motivated digital environment

Pak wind power (Pvt) Ltd, core business comprises the development, manufacture, sale, marketing and maintenance of wind power systems that use wind energy to generate electricity

We are offering 100% turnkey services, right from acquisition of land to complete commissioning of the wind power project and also operate and maintain the whole wind farm. Each and every activity under taken from necessities for quality and care. This of course applies to product deliveries – but the services linked with the pre-sale phase, project organization and formation, as well as ensuing examine and safeguarding, are also carried out in accordance with a set of permanent in-house measures.