Projects Completed


1 In the year 1990 Company established by Engr. Muhammad Sarwar
2 In the year 1992-1993 Refurbishment of Army Inspectorate store equipment locally.
3 In the year 1993 to 1994 Refurbishing of German Auto Car Washing system at P.I.A. locally to save Millions Of Rupees
4 In the year 1995 Developed Emission Analyzer locally first time in Pakistan
5 In the year 1997 Alternate Energy R&D Started first time in Pakistan
6 In the year 1997 to 2001 Local R&D for Wind Mill & Wind Turbine started
7 In the Year 1998 Refurbishment of Wind Turbines training from Wind energy solutions Holland.
8 In the Year 1998 to 2000 CEO training in Holland & Germany
9 In the year 2002 Started wind Solar Hybrid Rural electrification Projects first time in Pakistan.
10 In the year 2005 Villages Electrification Projects through NGO SCOPE done in Kharochan Keti Bandar.
  In the year 2006 Rural electrification Project with Govt. of Baluchistan at Lasbela Uthal 22 Villages.


11 In the year 2007 Development of Air Injection Pump Wind Mill first time in Pakistan
13 In the year 2008 Rural electrification Wind Solar Hybrid Projects with AKPBS’P 135 Villages in distt: Thatta
14 In the Year 2009 Development of Wind Solar Hybrid Controller and started production first time in Pakistan
15 In the year 2009 Rural electrification Wind Solar Hybrid Projects with AKPBS’P 50  Villages at Keti Bandar Distt:Thatta.
16 In the Year 2010 Rural electrification by Solar Stand alone sytems Projects with  AKPBS’P 25 Villages.
17 In the year 2010 Development of Wind turbine Blades and Tower with Foundation.
18 In the year 2011 Rural electrification by Solar Stand alone Projects with NRSP 3 Villages.
19 In the year 2011 Development of Wind Turbine Generator (PMG)
20 In the year 2011 DEC Production of Wind Turbine System from 500 watt to 3 KW at  local first time in Pakistan.
21 Targeted In 2012 Production of Wind Turbine System up to 20KW
22 Targeted in 2012 Wind Solar Hybrid Water Pumping Development

for agriculture,  Drinking and livestock.