Extended Guarantee

A solar protection plan is designed to help homeowners manage the cost of unexpected solar repairs. Solar extended warranties go beyond what your solar warranty period, taking care of properly maintained solar panels that fail due to normal wear and tear up to terms as long as 25 years.

How Solar Extended Warranties Work

Most solar extended warranties, A typical extended protection plan can range anywhere from a 5 – 15 year term on top of the manufacturer warranty totaling a total of 25 years.

Solar warranties are popular among solar transactions, as new homeowners want peace of mind that panels failing will be covered in their new investment, and installers want to assure potential buyers that their solar will be taken care of.

Most Solar Panels come backed with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects a product against defects. Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty lasts 10 years years. An extended warranty, also referred to as a service contract or protection plan, extends the warranty for additional 5- 15 years.

A standard manufacturer warranty generally protects against normal wear and tear and product defects — things like a panel failing because it’s a lemon or due to heat, humidity, or dust. The level of coverage of a protection plan is usually similar to that of a manufacturer’s warranty; it simply extends your coverage for another five to fifteen years.


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